Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect with Covid and health and safety?

We follow rules in accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and work closely with the town's board of health. 2021 guidelines will be coming soon.

Why should I shop at a local farmers market?

One of the best reasons is access to fresh, locally grown produce. Farmers markets also carry produce when it is at it's peak, which means it is at it's freshest and tastes the best. Shopping at farmers markets supports your local farmers and keeps money in your local town. 

Is the market held during inclement weather?

We try our best to hold the market each week, however it is best to check the Farmers Market Facebook page to stay up to date on cancellations. 

Are animals allowed?

Animals are allowed on the town common. We ask that you keep them on a leash and pick up after them. If you are in need of a bag ask a vendor.  The market is busy with lots of people and other animals so it is best for you to determine if your pet is comfortable in this type of setting. 

Are public bathrooms available?

No, there are no public restrooms available during the market hours.

Do the same vendors attend each week?

The majority of the vendors are present each week, this is up to each individual vendor though and there can be variances. It is best to check with each vendor. 

Where do I park for the market?

You can find parallel parking around the common. 

Do you accept credit cards?

This is up to each individual Vendor. Majority of the vendors do, however it is always best to have cash or check on hand. Also keep in mind vendors pay a fee for every credit card transaction. 

Are SNAP benefits accepted?

This is determined by each individual vendor. Some have been approved to accept SNAP, however some are not. Best to check with each vendor. 

How do I become a vendor?

Please find the regulations and application online HERE. You can email us directly with any questions.